Oona Hassim

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Nick Woolff – Wolff Gallery on my work

Hassim’s (b.Zambia 1971) soft, indistinct, impressionist paintings examine the organic and architectural found within cities, contrasting motion and colour found within the ebb and flow of crowds, from shoppers to public demonstrations, with the immutable grey of concrete, stone and steel. Part figurative and part abstract, Hassim captures movement and change as a blur while picking out the static in fine detail.

Graduating from her Fine Art degree at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art in 2000, Hassim was awarded the Kate Barton Scholarship. Her work appears in the University of the Arts London collection, and has been exhibited across London and Britain including two appearances at the Royal Academy and in the 2009 and 2011 RA’s Summer Exhibitions. She has been represented by the Woolff Gallery since 2003.

Recent work is based on protests in central London against the G20, the Occupy movement, and the many demonstrations against austerity cuts. The demonstrators thread their way through London’s streets as an abstract crowd, studded with colourful banners and flags, except where the bright yellow jackets of the police hold them stationary long enough for Hassim to render them in detail. Hassim lives and works in London.

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